Three-ring medium-speed micro-powder grinding winter tips

Three-ring medium-speed micro-powder grinding winter tips

As one of the best-selling equipments in the mining machinery industry, the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding equipment can not avoid the reincarnation of the four seasons, and the arrival of the winter lunar month. The low temperature and cold air in winter is pervasive. Let's look at the winter stunts of the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding.

Every year, China's major traditional festivals —— Spring Festival will be scheduled as scheduled, the company will also stop production and holiday, the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding can also stop processing holiday, but as a large mechanized equipment, its Spring Festival is alone. Look at the fleeting fireworks on the production line and listen to the sound of firecrackers coming from afar. Endure the challenge of winter in the open air.


However, after the Spring Festival, the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding still has to be put into production step by step. Therefore, long-term shelving will bring a lot of troubles for future production, and some specific measures must be taken to protect and maintain it. As a senior R&D, production and sales manufacturer of three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding, SBM knows the components that are vulnerable to cold winter equipment. The main thing is to do the following three things:

First. For the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding, it is made of steel such as carbon steel, and the surface will be covered by paint. The primary task is to prevent rust from the equipment, and to re-treat the paint on the surface of the equipment. Wipe the metal blades, cutting blades, fan blades and other parts inside the machine to ensure the quality.

Second, the winter cold wave is cold, and the storage location of the equipment should be appropriate. If possible, store the unit in a dry, ventilated room. If there are no conditions, choose a flat floor and put the board on it to prevent the device from getting wet. At the same time, cover the equipment with a cloth cover that protects against rain and snow.

Third, post-check and clean the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding. Release the cooling water in the engine and replace the engine oil. The equipment with the fuel tank should be filled with diesel to prevent the tank from rusting. Clean up the residue inside the machine and keep it clean. The equipment of the production line is classified and placed in the warehouse, and it is conveniently put into use again.

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