Talc powder production line, Raymond mill is a good choice

Talc powder production line, Raymond mill is a good choice

Talc is a silicate product with a very soft texture that can be used in many aspects of industrial production after processing into talc. Since the talc is very soft, it is relatively simple to process. We recommend using a Raymond mill to process it. The effect is very good.

The Raymond mill has a very high processing capacity and can be processed for materials with a Mohs hardness of 6 or less. The hardness of the talc is very low, and it is not difficult to use the Raymond machine. The fineness of the talc powder processed by Raymond Milling Machine can reach about 500 mesh, and the screening rate is above 95%.


In terms of production, due to the low hardness of talc, it can be processed at one time using Raymond mill, so the output is relatively large. At present, the production of talcum powder by a medium-sized Raymond mill can reach 10-15 tons, and the output of large-scale equipment can reach 30 tons.

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