Discussion on the technology of impact crusher and fine crushing

Discussion on the technology of impact crusher and fine crushing

The hot deformation and fine crushing device of the impact crusher spindle system can be divided into the following two categories:

First, the thermal displacement is finely broken, and the detecting device compares the hot line displacement of the spindle end of the impact crusher and the thermal angular displacement of the axis with the corresponding allowable values ​​at any time. Once the allowable value is exceeded, the servo mechanism starts to operate, and the CNC system passes through the device. Give the workpiece or tool a repetitive movement in a corresponding direction to offset the machining error caused by the thermal displacement of the impact crusher spindle. For example, GNIN in Germany and FISCHER in Switzerland can provide a re-grinding device for the shaft to be heated and extended. FISCHER uses a precision displacement sensor to measure the elongation of the impact crusher spindle. GMN first measures the temperature of the outer ring of the front end bearing, then derives the elongation of the green shaft, and then finely shreds the Z axis through the number earning system.


Second, the thermal symmetry and fine crushing, the temperature sensor first measures the temperature of each typical area of ​​the system, when the temperature field is not nicknamed than the preset allowable error, it is heated or cooled by the external heat source at the opposite position. To keep the temperature field of the system symmetrical and reduce thermal deformation.

The key technology for crushing and crushing the impact crusher is to establish a suitable impact crusher crushing model and error and fine crushing method. At present, Professor Chen of the University of Michigan in the United States proposed the crushing of the impact crusher. Online measurement, data processing and error refinement systems of up to 32 error sources including geometric errors; Shanghai Jiaotong University proposed a robust modeling method; and many scholars use neural network methods to crush crushers Finely broken. However, the use of hot and fine crushing methods also has its limitations. For example, during data acquisition, the collected data may be distorted due to the accuracy of the sensor and other factors, which may affect the accuracy of the finely divided results. Therefore, for the problems caused by the crushing of the impact crusher, researchers still need to continue to find breakthroughs in order to overcome the technology.

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